BrainBitz with seven years of experience in software training, embedded systems and consulting is organizing a series of events on a variety of topics, which are either weekend workshops or short training programs. These events will give you an insight into changing landscape of business, design methodologies, social media platforms, control systems, online tools to organize business, automation systems, business process re-engineering, project management tools etc. These workshops will be conducted by experienced professionals and trainers, who lead and mentor a large group at work.

All Workshops

Our workshops will challenge you to change your thoughts. While it will be fun, it will also give you essential tips to become smarter in your field.


Material design

25th , 26th -November

This hands-on workshop offers an introduction to Materialize CSS, a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design.


ANgular Boot Camp

18th , 19th -November

Angular Boot Camp covers introductory through advanced Angular topics. It includes extensive workshop sessions, with hands-on help from our experienced developer-trainers.

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